Father's Day

Father's day is tough for me. I can't afford much, so I just got him some tamales and coffee that he likes. My dad is an amazing dude. He's taught me so much and I never stop learning from him. I can talk to him about anything. We make fun of him that he's Mr. World News because he loves watching the news, staying informed of what happens in everything from politics to the Kardashian's.

I know he worries about me because I'm on dialysis and he was excited when I received the call about a possible transplant. I remember he was watching the World Cup and as soon as he saw me in the back cutting my hair, he rushed outside and helped me out. That's just the type of guy he is. He drops everything when one of his kids are in need. Doesn't care how much it costs, if he's in the middle of something, he's always there for me.

We ended up having a BBQ for him on Father's Day along with my brother and sisters but I can guarantee you that if I would've been in surgery he would've been there right by my side. I'll never stop looking up to him and caring for him.

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